It was time for a change—so I want some feedback.

What do you think of the new quarters? Some new items. Recent adds are now in a flip box just below the title. We added some new sidebar widgets to connect on various social networks.

I think it’s a lot cleaner and less distracting, don’t you?

0 thoughts on “A New Look”
  1. I like the new look very much, Mike. The “Are We Friends” box for connections is a nice addition. But I miss being able to scroll down through earlier posts. Another blogging friend did the same but I’m not sure I see the advantage to the flip box approach.

    Been thinking about some redesign on my own page so I’m watching what others are doing – thanks for nudging me to further consideration.

    1. At the way bottom left is a link to older posts. The way I look at it is that the majority of people don’t visit of their own accord. They link through email or Facebook or occasionally twitter.

  2. I like it Mike, it looks good and cleaner. I did not think that there was anything wrong before, I just like this. Maybe you can update my links on your blogroll, if you wish and add my third blog? My two blogs that you have are the same except for instead of it is Third blog is – and is called Pastoral Postings. It is for my work parish. Thanks!

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