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If Catholics were half as organized as these folks are with reference to “evangelization” we’d fill the pews a lot faster.

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  1. Hey Mike, no disrespect, but I disagree with you on this one. “The Atheists” are not some monolithic group who are all organized. I have a lot of atheist friends, many of whom find it easier to discuss things with me sometimes, than their more ardent friends. And one may feel similar in any church or denomination. If at Catholic billboard is put up that is not exactly what you would say, does that mean it represents you and all of us?

    1. Nice point. I don’t mean to dump all atheists into one pot. I said something similar about that recently as well. There are some fair-minded people out there of course. I think I mean to say that the folks that organize campaigns like this sure are insanely organized in their deliberations about trying to remove religion from the discourse.

  2. I agree with what you and Fran have both said about not lumping atheists together. I think that’s one of the reasons Catholicism is so easy to lambast: we’re organized.

    On an original comment note, have you ever heard of The Light Is On for You and Find the Perfect Gift? They’re campaigns started in the Archdiocese of Washington (where I’m from) by Cardinal Wuerl that run during Lent and Advent, respectively. The campaigns consist of radio and TV ads, billboards (just like that “Reason’s Greetings” one), yard signs, and Metro posters inviting people to go to church. During Lent, every parish in the diocese is open for confessions from 7-8:30 on Wednesdays, and during Advent, a special site invites people to consider Christianity. I’d argue that a Metro ad gets almost as many views as that billboard. Not every diocese is struggling to embrace new media.

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