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I’d also like to say to dog owners that indeed your dog misses you when you are away. I’ve never seen Haze the Dog as happy as when I walk through the door each evening–sometimes I hear him bark from the driveway. He had to learn to stay by himself and now is pretty used to being alone for about 6 hours–any longer and I can expect to find something messed up. I’m going to try to set up a cam in the house where I can look in on him remotely just to see how he does spend his time.

The thing I notice about dogs is that while we humans are engaged with work all day, they have nothing to do except wait for us to come home. There’s nothing to occupy their minds. I leave a radio on for Haze so he hears human voices and that seems to bring some comfort. His toys are out and he has the run of the house with the exceptions of two rooms and the basement. During the day if I work from home he curls up next to me and snoozes or climbs in his dog bed which I move from our bed to the couch.

But when he wants attention he is vigorous about trying to get me to stop what I’m doing and play or feed him (mostly the latter). Sometimes he just wants to be petted or get a belly rub.

I suppose this is also what we expect of God. We are lesser creatures who just want some attention from our master. When we lose sight of God, we get anxious and wonder when he might be back in our lives. However, we should realize that like our dogs, we should by now realize that God will not leave us orphaned.

A larger question: Do we rejoice as Dogs do when we notice God’s presence in our lives? Do we rejoice at the mere thought of food? When we get a special treat or a loving embrace?

Perhaps that’s why animals are here as pets with us and why God tells us to have dominion over them. Just as God has dominion over us.

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