So here’s a new way for you to get involved with–send me your “Nutter of the Week”. Each Friday we’ll pick a new one. Here’s this week’s winner who has inspired this contest after 6 different people sent me the article:

From today’s NY Times:

David Caton. An accountant turned rock-club owner, the author of a book about his pornography addiction, Mr. Caton had become a born-again Christian and the founder and sole employee of a fundamentalist activist group called the Florida Family Association.

This dispute, otherwise a mere footnote in America’s culture wars, matters very much right now. This same David Caton is the person who has maligned the television show “All-American Muslim” — a reality series on The Learning Channel about five families in Dearborn, Mich. — as a front for an Islamic takeover of America and pressured advertisers to pull their commercials.

At least two, Lowe’s Home Improvement and, have acknowledged doing so, partly in reaction to Mr. Caton’s campaign

But wait, there’s more!

On his association’s Web site he had accused “All-American Muslim” of hiding “the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.” In an interview earlier this week on CNN, he reiterated the thesis, saying of the series: “They show the good side of all this. But they don’t show what’s going on underground.”

It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya. #sarcasm.

The things that’s really interesting is that one nut has had a lot of significant influence. He’s awakened the anti-musliim bigotry that lives within the hearts of too many people. Earlier in his witch huntery career, Caton, tried to take down a pro-gay club at a local high school.

Who is next is anyone’s guess. My big question is why does anyone think this guy is credible? Are people really this dumb?

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