Resolutions always seem to be taken lightly, almost as if we intend to break them even as we make them. “I know I should do this…but I’m not going to.”

And perhaps instead of making light or resolutions, we should take them more seriously. And by that, it means we should really think about our resolutions and make them realistic and then DO THEM.

So I’ve decided that I can make eight resolutions. The number of infinity—which means I should make all of these habits for the rest of my life. If I waver I expect you, dear readers, to point out my flaw:

1) Work out every weekday: I already work out three days and resolve to double that. 8a-10a is “my time” and I devote it to exercise on M-W-F. Hitting the bike or treadmill those two extra days isn’t that big of a stretch.

2) Stick to a diet and drop 20 pounds by Spring: Again, this has gotten easier in 2011, but I fall way too often. I’m a compulsive person and so creating habits like eating right need to be a priority and I need to take them seriously. I can’t eat one cookie, because I’ll eat 12. It’s a good thing that I’ve never tried drugs because I’d be selling plasma for my next fix if I did. If I stick to the diet I’ve designed, generally speaking I lose about a pound a day. If I don’t I either gain a pound on non-workout days or I don’t lose any weight on workout days. No donuts.

3) Spend more time on Campus: Sometimes just hanging around, “loitering with intent” as my colleague Michael Galligan-Stierle says, provides opportunities for us. I’ve gotten to know a bunch of people simply by working out at the UB fitness center and that’s led to other opportunities for ministry. You can’t be a campus minister without actually being on campus. Hey students, look for me and find ways for me to interact more with you on campus. I will do the same.

4) Friday or Saturday is Family Day: Wife and Dog deserve a day too. I have to pick one of these days and simply be with them. No distractions, no excuses. My first call is to them. Keeping in better touch with my parents and sister is another element of this.

5) Live the Magis Daily: So in spiritual direction, I’ve discovered that the essential part of my ministry is spiritual direction. The Magis–the word means greater, is what we do that really expresses who we are, mores than other things. So I’ve dedicated myself to getting more training in this area and to offer myself more to people seeking someone to companion them on their spiritual journey. I’m open to exploring new creative solutions with this as well. Spiritual direction by Skype anyone? More importantly, what’s the Magis for you?

6) Join a softball team this spring: I loved doing this throughout my life but then stopped for no reason. I’m in shape now and competing in some kind of sport is something that will continue to bring me life. Besides, I need to make some new friends and not be so occupied with work–that’s more of the reason for this task actually.

7) Do three exclusively spiritual things per day:
1) Read something spiritual–a book or an article.
2) Pray. Do the Examen. Really discern.
3) Do something for someone else to bring God into their lives. Simple. A kind word, a small task, a flaw overlooked.

8) Give things away: I will repeat last year’s Lenten project of the Lenten 40 day giveaway.

Googling God will continue in 2012. So we’ll also be dedicating some evening hours to that and random times throughout the day. I think this is a do-able list. Anyone think I’m crazy?