That’s how Malachy McCourt, brother of Frank, and famed raconteur of talk shows would start his New Year’s Eve show. But then he’d get serious and say, by the end of the year some of you listeners will no longer be with us. And if that is so…then how are you to live this year?

An excellent question…how will we live? What successes and failures and surprises await us? How will we change and who will bring change to us? What will touch our heart and what will challenge held convictions–maybe for the better? Who will be President and who will go home defeated?

What will our church look like in this first new year of new translations? Will our Pope resign as has been rumored because of his age? What new movements might be upcoming with the young church?

It is indeed exciting…and we need some excitement. It keeps the old heart ticking and reminds us of the life we all have left in us.

So live…and love, even when it’s hard…even when you have to forgive to do so…love your neighbor and your enemies in 2012.

And pray, that God, who isn’t finished with any of us, just might reveal more to us about His love for us.

Special prayers for a new year to those who seek my help in spiritual direction and for the UB students. And of course to my wife and that little dog of ours–who make every year worth living even more.