Day 3: Lenten 50 Day Giveaway: Time

So today was my day off, technically, but I had purposely planned to give the gift of time to the medical students today by planning a Lenten Lunchtime Lecture with Dr. Pat Fosarelli, via Skype.

I kinda thought that was cheating because essentially, Dr. Fosarelli does most of the work. I just order the lunch and introduce her.

So I got home and gave two more people the gift of time. The first was my dog who I don’t spend enough time with. He spends a good portion of his day alone, waiting for me to come home and when I do he rejoices with the greatest of joy. It was raining here in Buffalo, so I let him stay indoors today and fed him his favorite treats. He also likes to nuzzle up against my leg—not because he loves me but because I am a heat source for him. We decided to watch a great Jesuit movie, The Mission, which if you haven’t seen is one of the all time greatest movies about religion ever. The Jesuits stand with the indigenous people whom they had converted not by force but by friendship, teaching them music and the tortured Cardinal in the movie must decide whether to side with the Jesuits and the indigenous people of South America or with the political forces at play in the church and Europe. Haze lay quietly by my side while I petted him throughout the movie. It was a nice quiet time for us.

I decided that the last person to give some time to today was my loving wife, Marion. She does most of the housework around this place–and honestly, I’m a bit of a slob, so I don’t make it easy for her. So I made a nice Lenten swordfish dinner with broccoli ready as soon as she walked in the door (cause I’m good!). Then I grabbed the laundry bag and got to work on that while she just relaxed and watched Gray’s Anatomy.

Haze is resting now quietly on Marion’s lap while she sits on her favorite chair and finishes watching her show. I’m reminded of my vows to love her and to give her time and to accept her as she is. I’m blessed each day with the time God gives me to love her especially and to offer time, patience and just a bit of myself to many in my life.

Perhaps Lent is opening me up to do that just a bit more often.

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