Day 16: Lenten 50 Day Giveaway: A Celebratory Visit

Happy 10th Birthday to my child, Sniff, Busted Halo is now 10 and, sniff, is all grown up looking and stuff.

Marion and I are in NYC for tonight’s gala celebration fund raiser for the website that started me on the road to becoming an author, an expert in the church and gave me the opportunity to serve young adults in many ways and I am deeply indebted to the Paulist Fathers for taking me under their wing and allowing me to develop and flourish as a minister.

Fr. Brett Hoover, CSP and I started this thing back before we even had office furniture and look at it now. Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP and Bill McGarvey came along and we furthered the mission into books and then podcasts led to the Sirius radio show all the while the site was still the crown jewel.
Barbara Wheeler has entered now and has gotten Young Adult Ministry in a Box launched and continues to hold the helm of the site together admirably. Joe Williams is an unsung hero. He slaves away at much of the video entries the site produces including the sacrament 101 videos and You Don’t Know Jack which are some of my favorite segments.

So tonight, I’ll sit proudly and remember the early days and take some pride in what God has created through all of us and what God creates in other young adults because of the inspiration that the site provides.

May it continue to flourish and grow and inspire for many years more.

But to do that, they need some help. So if you’ve got a shekel or two, drop them a small donation. You’ll be making a worthwhile investment.

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