Day 25 Lenten 50 Day Giveaway: No Booze

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and it is my last day in Hawaii. Each St. Patrick’s Day is a time for me to call my Irish father and wish him well on the special day especially for Irish Americans.

My gift to him is a simple one. On St. Patrick’s Day I refuse to have a drink. Drunkenness was always a source of embarrassment for my family and while we don’t have an alcohol problem in our immediate family we’ve seen the detrimental effects that alcohol can have on others.

St. Partick’s Day has become a complete embarrassment for the Irish as we glorify drinking–giving credence to the stereotype that we’re all a bunch of drunken fools.

My dad, an Irish immigrant is much more than that and deserves to have his tradition and heritage honored. So I’ll lay off the sauce today and seek to honor the great saint and my father by speaking at the Diocese of Honolulu today in their honor.

Recently, I was able to have my dad attend the award ceremony at Fordham where I received a Sapientia Et Doctrina Award for my work in young adult ministry. That award would not be possible without his support and love. So thanks, Dad for always being an Irish gentleman who worked hard for his family despite many obstacles.

That gift to me has been more than enough and I hope my life is gift enough back for him and for others.

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