Day 26 and 27: Lenten 50 Day Giveaway: Gifts from Abroad

So I just returned from Hawaii after a lovely week. I donned my new Aloha shirt and returned to the office where I greeted my co-workers with Kona coffee and my pastor received chocloate covered macadamia nuts from Honolulu which he graciously shared with the staff. (see the giveaway is contagious).

To be honest, Hawaii was wonderful, but it is also good to be home especially after 25 hours of straight travel. That sounds horrible but it was a lot easier coming home than getting there. I was greeted by a loving dog who was very well behaved for his sitter and who he kept company with while she was under the weather, something he’s quite good at. I even forgave him for peeing on my comforter in his excitement to see me last night.

Hospitality is a wonderful thing and I’m very grateful to the folks at the Diocese of Honolulu who are doing a great job with theology on tap there. Their new young adult minister, Makana, is outstanding and Lisa Gomes the director of youth and young adults is wonderful. I had a great time touring the island with them on Friday along with my wife and Malcolm a young adult who I met the other night at the theology on tap event.

And then there’s the Marianists who co-sponsored the trip and who I did the majority of my speaking engagements with…I can’t imagine more hospitable people. They even gave my wife a small (or really not so small) birthday party on her big day. Fr. George Cerniglia was a joy to work with and spend a good deal of time with. He’s new at his job as Rector and director of mission and he’s got things moving in a great direction. All of the guys in the house, especially, Frs Tim and John and Br. Ray who made a fabulous Halibut dinner on Friday night for all of us, were just a joy to be with all week. They were gifts to us and because we were so loved we now return home ready and refreshed to love anew.

The students are back from break and our Catholic students were off on an Alternative spring break in Philly. I haven’t heard much news about it yet and am dying to find out how great it was. My colleague, Greg Coogan, now of the Camden Diocese, met up with the group and had great things to say.

Soon we’ll be back to the grind full-speed. I’m kind of half-speed today as my body slowly adjusts back to East Coast time.

Lots of pictures to share on my Facebook page

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