This Puts My 50 Day Giveaway to Shame…


So some of you are asking…Hey what happened to the 50 day giveaway anyway, noticing that I had stopped at 35 this year with little or no explanation.

Well…the truth is that I got lazy and distracted this lent with travel and other matters. And of course, like any good Catholic I had some guilt associated with this.

But then while on a day of reflection walk I asked myself why I was doing this to begin with and I wanted to clean out the clutter of my life. So why the public nature of this? Was I just looking for a pat on the back? Look at Mike giving away things!

The truth is that I hoped to inspire others to be a bit more centered in their lenten experience. So what I ended up doing was taking all the books I have not read nor plan to read —amazingly 15 in total—and placed those on a “help yourself” table in our community room. Nobody knew where they came from except some of our staff. Within 2 days they were gone.

Now that doesn’t make for good video. But it helped me let go of these things a bit easier than the intentional giving away to someone specific –as rich as that experience was as well.

So we’ll come up with a new lenten practice next year. Maybe we’ll do 40 days of community service? Or 40 days out of my comfort zone? Or maybe you’ll come up with an idea.

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