New Buffalo Bishop Malone Googles God

Habamus Epicoparium! Which is my best attempt at bad latin to say “We have a new Bishop in Buffalo. It’s the now former Bishop of Portland, Maine Bishop Richard Malone, ThD.

When asked what he knew about Buffalo he talked about some general knowledge that he had known about Buffalo but then said…

“Google then became my best friend.”

And therefore, we hope that we become friends as well.

Welcome to the diocese, Bishop. I hope your stay is long and that we can be good servants to you and to the people of God in this diocese together.

The new Bishop is no stranger to Campus Ministers having served in that role at Harvard and in a few other places, and he taught at Emmanuel College for a bit. So we share that love for young people in university life. He’s a big expert in catechesis having served as Director of the Office of Religious Education for the Archdiocese of Boston and also as Secretary for Education.

He’s Jesuit trained (Weston in Boston) which makes me happy as a good son of Ignatius and my sources tell me that he’s a friendly guy who gets to know people well.

Seems like a perfect choice for Buffalo…a good neighbor in his own right with a little something to offer everyone.

Here’s the feed of his press conference from the morning:

So welcome, Bishop Malone. Glad you’re used to the snow from up North and hope that we can look forward to many happy years with you as our shepherd.

And a fond so long to Bishop Kmiec who has served us for 8 years. He’s been a great friend and we are glad that he’ll maintain a residence here in the Diocese.

It is this prayer for both Bishops old and new that we offer today:

Let us pray that God will grant Bishop Malone a courageous and gentle heart to serve the people of Buffalo with the gifts that he brings to this diocese. May he continue to receive the gift of wisdom from the Holy Spirit so that he may lead us well and be open to the call of the Spirit, especially during challenging times. May he know the gift that the people of Buffalo are to the diocese and may he be blessed with good and faithful people committed to the church and to seeing God in all things.

May the Lord also grant Bishop Kmiec a wonderful retirement and continue to have him bless us with his gifts as he continues to be our good neighbor and a shepherd for our community. May he know the gift he has been for all of us.

Lord, help us to welcome with prayer and open hearts our new shepherd and may you bless your people with peace. This we ask in your name. Amen.

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