Serving God’s People for 40 Years

It’s ordination season as you know. I was gifted to attend the ordination of 3 good friends in New York and catch up with some of my old Paulist colleagues.

But closer to my new Buffalo home, we are celebrating 40 years of priesthood for our beloved pastor, Fr. Jack Ledwon. He claims that our parish makes it easy for him to be a priest, but let’s face it, no parish makes it easy. There’s a lot that goes on in any parish and that is a lot of hard work and Fr. Jack has done this not only with fervor but with a bucketload of grace.

At first glance you would think that Fr. Jack and I would not be friends. He’s an opera buff, I’m a baseball fan. He once asked me if Derek Jeter was the pitcher when I was watching a Yankee game.

“Yeesh, we’re starting here!” was my response.

He took it in stride, “Well now you can be my go-to guy for all my sports questions.” he answered back.

Then he paused and said, “Oh wait! I don’t have any sports questions.”

He continued with “Well wait again, I can be your go-to guy for all your opera questions!”

“Um, Fr. Jack,” I offered, “I don’t have any opera questions.”

We both laughed hard. We do however share a love for the church, the people of God and especially for students and young people. We love dogs, him more of the big dog types while I’m more of a small dog person. We enjoy a good laugh and spend time together joking and telling stories, two of our favorite pastimes. We value each other’s opinions which is important in a collaborative relationship.

In short, Fr. Jack has been our pastor, but he’s also, more importantly, been our friend.

Happy Anniversary, my friend. Many more.

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