A Prayer for the Sisters

From Fr. James Martin:

Evening prayer: Dear God, tomorrow in Vatican City the leadership team from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious will meet with Cardinal William Levada and Archbishop Peter Sartain at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. God, I know that all of the men and women at this meeting are devoted to your Son and want to serve your church as best they can. As they discuss the future of the LCWR, and of the tens of thousands of generous women religious in the United States, give them the spirit of “mutual understanding” that the Vatican spoke of today. Most of all, pour out your Holy Spirit on them so that they may all discern wisely, listen carefully to one another, and be aware, awake and attentive to the workings of grace. Help them make each decision in a spirit of love, respect and charity. Amen.

A comment: Archbishop Sartain invited me to his diocese when he was in Joliet and my colleague Paul Jarzembowski, worked closely with him for years. He’s a very fair-minded and smart guy who listens to people and I think that gives us some hope that the sisters will be treated fairly.

Regardless, let us pray for our women religious today and always.

And our prayer for them reminds us of our gratitude for all they have done.

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  1. Reminding me of Dorothy Day going to Rome during Vatican II and in her room just praying. That’s all. Just praying.


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