Reason 985 Why I Refused to Learn How to Irish Step Dance

I didn’t want a late night talk show host to kick me in the face:

Hysterical. My mother really wanted me to learn as a kid and I somewhat regret not learning now as a 40 something adult. But I had enough people making fun of me in the 4th grade and didn’t need any more. Today it would probably be “cool” to do this but in 1980 when I was 10, not so much.

Oh well, perhaps there’s still time. My wife and I are off to go practice in the kitchen to this you tube video. I will try to not kick the dog in the snout.

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  1. Before I met my husband, Mike, I went to do Irish dancing at Rory Dolan’s , a pub in Weschester, NY. My friend, Eileen was Irish and was too shy to get up and dance. I had never done Irish dancing before, but I gave it a try(and I’m Italian!) I had a great time! At our wedding, my niece, Ronnie, 6 years old at the time, danced to the many Irish reels. She learned from her Irish neighbors next door, Kelsey and Emma. Ronnie was fearless and she took over the dance floor! I guess it runs in the family!


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