Sandusky Lawyer: If He’s Guilty He Deserves to Rot in Jail

Yeesh, with a lawyer like that…who needs the other side?

Jerry Sandusky is going to go to prison. I was listening to Jim Rome yesterday and I can’t fathom a jury not convicting him on at least some of the counts he’s charged against.

And then this hit the news yesterday:

From Yahoo:

Just hours after the sex abuse trial of former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky wrapped up on Thursday, his adopted son revealed that he had been “a victim of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse” and had offered to testify against his father.
It is unclear whether prosecutors were prepared to put Matt Sandusky on the stand. But NBC News reports that Jerry Sandusky’s defense team decided against having the former coach testify on his own behalf after they learned that prosecutors planned to call a new witness — believed to be Matt Sandusky.

This is just getting more bizarre by the second. What troubles me most is that it took this long for this guy to be found out.

Now to add a different perspective…

What does this mean for college athletics and for coaches? Well, the same standard of zero tolerance should be applied that the church was forced to apply as per the Dallas charter. Coaches and trainers and all those who have access to children and even to athletes below the age of 18 (read: potentially all of them) should have to take Virtus or some other form of child protective course.

But let’s see if THAT actually happens. Because as you know, the church is always held to a higher standard than others, and rightfully so. But that doesn’t mean that other secular organizations shouldn’t be held to at least similar standards.

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