On Being a Yenta

We often call, my wife, Marion “The Catholic Yenta” because she loves to do matchmaking. She even has two marriages to her credit.

So..NPR did this whole thing on the word Yente or yenta a few days ago. Turns out the word yenta does not, in fact, mean matchmaker. Shadchen is actually the yiddish word for matchmaker.

So what does a Yenta mean? Well, first of all the character in Fiddler on the Roof’s NAME was Yente but she was the shadchen. And the name was popularized because of a character in the Jewish Forward also called yenta who was essentially a busybody. Which is what the name actually means–an old gossip.

To which I said to Marion… “Well, it still fits you, either way!”

The couch, fortunately is kinda comfortable.

For the record my wife is neither old, nor a gossip. And now order has been restored to the marriage.

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  1. Mike and Marion:
    I have long been called the Campus Ministry yenta at my college……so sorry to hear it means what it really does but alas, in my case, I too am a gossip and a busybody -I thought that was the job description of someone who loiters with intent?! Anyhow, you have my success rate doubled but the couple we put together are married with two kids so does that earn extra points? Hope so. The other couple is just engaged still…..wedding date just postponed so I am quite nervous as my credibility is at stake.

    Also, tried to like and FB says there is an error and the administrator has to fix it.


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