Racism In Southern Baptist Church Alive and Well

So this article caught my attention today:

The governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, has said it was unfortunate that a predominantly white church in the state wouldn’t allow a black couple to get married in its sanctuary, adding that the state should encourage the union of any couple – as long as it was made up of a man and a woman.

Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson said they weren’t allowed to marry in July at First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, a small town south of Jackson.

The Rev Stan Weatherford, pastor of the church, married the Wilsons at a church nearby. The wedding was moved after some congregants at First Baptist told Weatherford they opposed allowing black people to marry in the church.

So now some folks don’t even think that black people should get married and their Baptist church honored that request. I’ll assume that they just don’t think that black people should reproduce and thus die out as a race. I can’t begin to tell you how much this angers me.

But this whole thing brings up several other streams of thought:

1) This got a lot more news play overseas and in Canada than in did in the United States.

2) What if the situation were different? A mixed race couple perhaps? Would there have been more coverage?

3) And from my perspective: If this were a CATHOLIC church that did this and not a BAPTIST church I have a feeling it would have been on the front page of every paper in the country. Lauer would have had the wedding on the Today show.

Suffice it to say that racism is alive and well. Did anyone else notice that the Governor only said it was “unfortunate” and not “wrong”?

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