Praise for Loving Work

The illustrious Fran Rossi Szpylczyn gave my book a nice pop on

Not so many years ago, but in what seems to be another lifetime now, I was a successful corporate executive. Today I am not unsuccessful, but my life has taken a different path; I am a writer and I work for the Catholic Church. Am I still successful? Depends on your definition, I suppose! I’m going to say yes, because I am “loving work.”

As I began to chart another course in life, I pursued certification as a personal and career coach. Then came the pursuit of an advanced degree in ministry and the work to go with it.

So the idea of pursuing – happily – the work one loves and the work of love, is at the core of my being.

In full disclosure, I was privileged to read an early version of this book, and I was thrilled to do so. This slim volume is packed with power and wisdom from someone who has navigated his own passage from one type of work to another.

This book will be a treasured companion for those who read it. I can imagine giving it as a gift to those who are seeking their way in the world, particularly for those freshly out of college. At a time when jobs can be scare and hope in short supply, Mike Hayes’ insights will help them to discover that it is possible to find the work we love and to love the work we find.

If you’ve read the book consider leaving a comment or two on Amazon and if you haven’t read it yet—well, what are you waiting for? Order one today.

Honestly, I loved writing this book. It’s a short, quick read that’s filled with many stories from my radio days and from my ministry where I make the connection between living a life that you were born to live, that God gifted you with and merely going through the motions.

My favorite story in the book comes from my days at WFAN where I found myself working extra hard at the station’s radiothon for the CJ Foundation for SIDS–a wonderful charity founded by the then-station’s GM, Joel Hollander. Looking back on that experience led me to consider ministry more deeply. Read the whole story and then ask yourself where God might be calling you in your work.

Thanks for all the support with this effort. I got a nice note from Fr. Dave Dwyer inviting me to be on his show on Sirius-XM, so we’ll let you know when that happens.

Speaking of invitations, I am available for individual spiritual direction and retreats based on the book as well. Simply email me.

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