My Bucket List

So eternal rest grant unto Sheila, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her, may her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

We pray today for Sheila, the ex wife of a friend who died suddenly. We’ve all been stunned by the news. And have tried to be there for my friend who had to help make arrangements, a tough deal indeed.

Death calls us all to take stock. My friend wrote up a Bucket List and inspired a bunch of us to do the same. Things we’d all like to do before we die. Here’s mine:

Professional Goals
– Write books about marriage, spiritual direction, my father and my dog
– Do a year of service when I finally retire with JVC.
– Engage more people with Ignatian Spirituality
– Start some model programs in Campus Ministry that we can publish and allow others to share them
– Write a major theological work
– Contribute to lasting change in the church for a more collaborative dynamic in the church

Personal Goals
– Become a Saint (Thanks Thomas Merton!)
– Walk the Camino in Spain
– Take my Father back to Ireland for a trip
– See the Holy Land and the Vatican
– Be a better husband (Marion says I can check that one off already, but I’m hard on myself.)
– Forgive a few people I hold grudges against
– Run a 5K in my 40s and 50s
– Maintain my weight at under 200 lbs
– Join an Improv Group
– Act on stage in front of a large audience
– Have a conversation with a President and a Pope
– Call one inning of a Major League Baseball Game and/or One Quarter of an NFL Game on Radio or TV.

Places to See/Things to Do (somewhat superficial things that I’d like to do)
– Visit all 50 states (I’m at 33)
– See a game at all the Major League Baseball Stadiums (I have been to 18 out of the present 30 and 4 that have closed)
– Go to the Kentucky Derby and the Indy 500 (my radio colleagues consistently tell me these are the two greatest events in sports)
– Countries to visit: England, Scotland, Wales, Norway, Sweeden, China, Japan, India, Greece.
– Take an Alaskan Cruise
– Rescue and raise a dog from a pup (Haze was 1.5 when I got him).

I’m sure there’s more. I’ve ticked a bunch off from earlier lists, like:
Get married, own a dog, lead retreats for a living, go to the World Series (been to 3 games), etc.

What’s on your list?

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  1. Visit all 50 states- I’m going on a road trip soon and getting a bunch. Run an ultra marathon at some point- probably the JFK 50 challenge. Learn how to scuba dive, climb mount fugi, become a physicians assistant and volunteer my time to a clinic, own my own home, and either have a wife that is a lifelong best friends- or just awesome friends that make me not want a wife. I’d like to go to a Super Bowl game, and hunt wild game in Alaska. Phew, done.


    1. My 33 are:
      1) NY
      2) NJ
      3) CT
      4) RI
      5) Mass
      6) PA
      7) OH
      8) WV
      9) VA
      10) NC
      11) Fla.
      12) GA
      13) ARK
      14) Tenn
      15) KY
      16) Indy
      17) IL
      18) Wisc
      19) Mich
      20) Minn
      21) Kansas
      22) New MEx
      23) Colorado
      24) Arizona
      25) California
      26) Washington
      27) Hawaii
      28) Nevada (Though I have not been to Vegas)
      29) Idaho
      30) Louisiana
      31) Delaware
      32) Maryland
      33) Texas


      1. Since a few folks have emailed asking about baseball stadiums and World Series games.
        I was at the 1996 World Series: Yanks vs. Braves games 1,2, and 6. Game 2 and 6 were two of the best pitched games I’ve ever seen with Greg Maddux and Andy Pettitte.

        1) Citi Field (and Old Shea) (Mets)
        2) New Yankee (and Old Yankee) (yanks)
        3) Fenway (Boston)
        4) Rogers Center (Toronto)
        5) Camden Yards (Baltimore)
        6) Comerica (Detroit)
        7) US Cellular (White Sox)
        8) Progressive (Cleveland)
        9) Safeco (Seattle)
        10) Nationals (and RFK) (Washington, DC)
        11) Great American Ballpark (Cincy)
        12) Miller Park (Milwaukee)
        13) PNC Park (Pittsburgh) (one of the best new parks)
        14) Wrigley (chicago Cubs) (The best park in the majors by far)
        15) Minute Maid (Houston) (was also there when it was called Enron and did the stadium tour of the Astro dome)
        16) At&T Park (Sf Giants) (Saw Bonds’ 700th home run there)
        17) Chase Field (arizona) (saw a no hitter there when it was called Bank One Ball Park. Miguel Jimenez threw it against Randy Johnson who struck out 14 in the loss and lost 1-0)
        18) Coors Field (Colorado)
        19) Olympic Stadium (montreal)

        TO get the rest I plan on doing 6 steps:
        1) A South West Swing: Atlanta and the two stadiums in Florida
        2) A west coast swing: LA, SD, Anaheim and Oakland
        3) Random Game in Philly (which I can’t believe I haven’t been to yet.
        4) Midwest Swing: St Louis and Kansas City (maybe Arlington?)
        5) Minnesota (which I might do this year)
        6) Arlington, Texas if I haven’t done it yet


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