From Birth to Death

My 43rd birthday was yesterday and a friend wrote me and said each time you think that a birthday is one step closer to death, remind yourself that you should stop counting the steps and just enjoy the walk.

Amen, brother.

And at the end of that walk we hope to find ourselves remembering that walk with gratitude. Which is why I have a “dead file” on my computer. It states the way I want to be remembered at my funeral. Everything from the wake service to burial options. One of my firm wishes is that my burial not be expensive. I just found out that I can be shrouded and buried in that shroud instead of a casket with a vault. My response was “I get to be a mummy! Awesome!”

The truth of the matter in planning a funeral is somewhat arrogant on our part. Because we want to be remembered well, and we think someone else will screw up how we are going to be remembered.

Perhaps it’s time to remember that we are not in control? And that from beyond the grave, we can try to continue to cheat death, or we can accept God’s embrace knowing that he will take good care of us.

I still have my dead file. It’s filled with people who I know will comfort my wife and those close to me should I pass from this life before they do. We have been comforts to each other for so long, to the point where that should not change, and perhaps that’s what we leave behind?

So today as I continue to enjoy the journey from birth further into life, I am filled with gratitude for the comfort that others have offered me. Starting with my parents and big sister and leading into friends and now my wife and dog and colleagues. It continues to be a fun ride, albeit one that will one day end.

On that day may I be filled with much more gratitude for this journey, for every day is gift.

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