Papal Madness: Hayes vs. Fr. James Martin, SJ

Busted Halo is running a Papal Madness Tourney with various people from all kinds of backgrounds in the running for the Pope. Obviously, we’re having some fun with this with folks in the Media/Politics Region (like Stephen Colbert and Sean Hannity), the music region (like Bruce Springsteen and Michael Bublé), the Hollywood Region (Martin Sheen, Mel Gibson) and the Friends of BustedHalo Region (Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, Fr. Jack Collins, CSP). Check it out:

But imagine my surprise when lil ‘ol me got a bid to the big dance. I’m a 7 seed (the second lowest seed) in the Friends of Busted Halo bracket and I’m going up against (gasp!) my friend and famed colleague….

Fr. James Martin, SJ, the acclaimed author and Colbert Report Chaplain.

I’m gonna get killed. So I’m playing the “I’m hoping for an upset” card.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should vote for me.

1) Media Monopoly: The Colbert Report doesn’t need TWO people in the running for Pope. (And Stephen Colbert advanced yesterday). Do we really want the media running the Vatican?

2) Keep the laity alive! In the BH bracket there are only two lay people in the bracket (Brett Siddell and myself). Gotta let the laity stay in the game to make this interesting. As Pope I would make sure the laity has a voice and appoint a few lay people into top Vatican positions. By the way, my wife says I can be Pope as long as we keep the Vatican in Italy and she can have a gelato shoppe in the Vatican basement. Sold!

3) Jesuit Schmezuit: I’m Jesuit educated too. I’m a spiritual director and run Ignatian based retreats. I’m holding to indifference over who wins and loses because I think Fr. Martin would be a good pope. So who ever God wants to win here…(Pssst, vote for me)

4) Rally the Youth: I’ve been to World Youth Day Twice (Toronto and Sydney) and I don’t think Fr. Martin has been to one yet. I would also turn the World Youth Day event into a weekly meet up at Starbuck’s all over the world.

5) Haze the Dog Loves you: The Pope should have a dog. And Haze would be a good watchdog in the Vatican. No Vati-leaks scandals on his watch.

Regardless, come on by and play the game. It’ll be fun no matter who wins. And thanks to Busted Halo for honoring me with a bid.

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