Burying St. Joseph

Well, I did it! I can’t believe I did this because I’m not much for Catholic superstitions but I’m desperate.

I buried a St. Joseph statue upside down and facing South-East in my front yard, because for the third time my co-op apartment in Queens (part of New York City) has failed to sell.

Now I pray for 9 days to the foster-father of Jesus in hopes of selling the apartment.

I should have taken a video of this but here’s the spot in the front yard that I buried this tiny statue of one of my favorite saints.

I cheated a bit. We had to dig up our front yard earlier in the year because tree roots attacked our sewer line. We’ve been waiting until Spring to re-do the yard. The ground is still a bit soft so I didn’t even need a shovel. I just pulled up some soft earth and slid St. Joseph slowly into the mushy earth below (wrapped in a plastic baggy of course).

Now I pray a 9 day novena to St. Joseph and then after the apartment sells, we dig the statue back up and place it in an honored place in our Buffalo home.

It’s become harder and harder to hold on to our co-op. We’ve settled here in Buffalo (well, Amherst, a suburb–we live in a tiny neighborhood called Eggertsville to be exact) and now, we are finding it difficult to pay the bills for this apartment. We had a renter for some time but he can no longer rent the place. We’d prefer to sell it and use the money to pay down some debts and repair our bathroom which needs an overhaul in our new home. There’s nothing wrong with the apartment. The bathroom could use an update but nothing major and the co-op is a good on and the neighborhood is wonderful. A great tree-lined street near shopping and the subway but also far enough way to avoid lots of noise.

So with the pressure of the sale ensuing, it makes sense to pray to St. Joseph for this just from the standpoint of him being a carpenter. (I should probably pray to him when I remodel my bathroom soon too). But more importantly, because he had to handle the day to day affairs of managing the family. With infant mortality and Herod going nuts and killing little boys, Joseph had quite a job to do in raising Jesus in poverty and with a madman on the loose. The pressures of our age are things he can often relate to and perhaps he has a special call to comfort us and to bring our prayers to God.

Today’s prayer also reminded me that Joseph does much of this work hidden from our site and our scripture. He’s a silent saint, one who doesn’t have any lines in the bible. Today we ask him to bless our lives, no matter how hidden and simple they may be and to let all that we do be done with love.

And if you know anyone who wants an apartment in Queens. Check out this link and send me a buyer…

Or at least your prayers.

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