How to Stay Married: The Birthday Edition

Today is my wife’s (unintelligible number) birthday. I’m not dumb enough to tell you how old she is but suffice it to say that she looks amazing and always has since the day I met her. To me she is the most beautiful and gets more beautiful with each passing year.

We laughed and laughed last night over our own silliness. It is a joy to be able to laugh at ourselves. And she’s kept me laughing for nearly 11 years of marriage.

And she’s also moved me to tears, tears of gratitude for having such a wonderful woman in my life as my wife. I am in need of nothing more than what God has given me with bringing her into my life.

So today I will celebrate the day of her birth with great joy. Truly I am filled with gratitude for her parents, now no longer with us, but who chose to have her and given such a great gift to all of us who know her.

Tonight a simple meal of pasta awaits…but the best part of the meal is that we share it together.

You are the gift that keeps on giving, my love. Today know that and be filled with the grace that God has already imparted to you. The joy of being all that you are for others, for me, your husband and for all those who have come to be blessed by you.

Happy Birthday, Marion.

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  1. I was trying to read it while getting all teary-eyed(so like you and me!) That was so beautiful. I love the many times I can tell the story of how we met when we do pre-cana for young couples! I told the story to someone last week and had tears in my eyes as I told her how we met! When you framed our wedding vows, I was so touched. One of the lines in our vows is, “I will always remember this place where we met and my life started anew.” I am blessed to have you and my heart beats only for you. I


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