Taking Time

I’m sure you’ve seen this already but, if you haven’t check out Pope Francis after celebrating mass at a local church, he greeted each parishioner afterwards for nearly 20 minutes.

Nearly 20 minutes.

This guy gets it. He realized this is the one chance people might have to interact with the Pope, to be able to say “The Pope was there for me.” Watch the very end of the video when he’s working the line of people on the street. His security team is going nuts.

And based on his example, who don’t we take time for in our lives? Who do we fail to give 20 minutes of our time in our all-too-hectic world? Is it that one parishioner who is a pain in the neck, who we avoid like the plague? The poor on the street corner who we avoid making eye contact with? The student with too many questions? The relative who demands too much?

If the Pope can do it with his nightmare of a schedule, then we don’t have an excuse.

So today, ask yourself: Who do you most often intentionally ignore?

And then, give them just 20 minutes.

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