We Wait

IMG_3387It’s Holy Saturday.

We wait.

We are in the upper room, afraid, unable to move. Stunned into inertia at the horror of what has happened.

God is dead.

And yet, somehow God is alive.

The love that we behold in the cross beckons us beyond the horror, beyond our impotence to act, beyond all that we have seen into a place of hope.

Where w see a love so great that its power reaches beyond the grave, beyond the shadow of death.

Into new life.

It is not a revived life, rather it is resurrection–a life changed by the power of love to create something more powerful than we can imagine.

We are reminded of the transfiguration and the bleached white image of Jesus, a foretaste of what we now can see.

That foretaste is reality–He is risen! Alleluia!

But there’s more, much more.

For this reality is now again a foretaste. It will one day be our reality when we will be shining like the sun in a newness of life. We will become united with Christ in this resurrection one day, just as we are united in Baptism presently.

It is our mystery of faith. By dying he destroys our death, and rising he restores our life.

For now we wait for Christ to come in glory. We wait for the stone to roll away and for new life to begin for Jesus and for all of us.

But we are too afraid, too shamed by our sins to believe that it could all be true for us. That we could be “good enough” to share in the divinity of Christ.

Tonight let us pray to the Holy Spirit that we might be able to believe. That we might see beyond cross and tomb, not merely for Christ but for ourselves.

The message of Easter is one we’ve been hinting at for the past three days: God finds all of us very worthy.

We are worthy enough to have our feet washed–despite the fact that we sometimes run away from God.

We are worthy enough to die for, stark naked on a cross–even when we are all to quick to crucify others and ourselves.

We are worthy enough to be given a new life in Christ–despite our fear, despite our lack of faith at times.

Jesus reminds us that we are more than enough.

And if we are more than enough to die for, then we are more than enough to live our lives for one another. If we are more than enough then our hearts can stretch much farther than we think they can. If we are more than enough then we are more powerful already than we can ever imagine we might be.

We are already more powerful than death.

Because Christ has made it so.

And that is more than enough indeed. Alleluia!

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