David Kuo RIP

David Kuo, the former associate of the White House’s Office of Faith Based Initiatives in the Bush Administration who wrote a scathing book about how the administration failed to live up to their promises for the office, died from brain cancer last Friday at the much too young age of 44.

We were “virtual” colleagues, meaning I never met him, but admired him and would occasionally share comments with him on Facebook.

My former colleague Bill McGarvey interviewed him on BustedHalo.com some time ago. The whole interview is lengthy but Kuo had a lot of interesting things to share about evangelicals, republican politics and politics. He also touched on charity and how he thought churches should fast from political messages from the pulpit for two years.

BH: The Republicans have had control of the Supreme Court for decades and they’ve also controlled the executive and legislative branches for a long time and yet so much of the ‘conservative’ far right’s agenda hasn’t really come to pass.

DK: Yeah, you look at the social statistics over the last 30 years and you see fluctuations up, fluctuations down, but the number of abortions today is if not the same, a little bit higher than it was in 1973. Certainly, cohabitation among heterosexuals is through the roof, rates of marriage are down, divorces are certainly up from where they were in 1973 although down from their peak in the 1980′s. But part of the reason they are down is because people are not getting married. (laughter)

You’ve got teen pregnancy, teen suicide, a really large host of social pathologies here and they are impervious to political calculations but we have made politics God and we have substituted the hard work of God for the relatively easy work of politics. At the end of the day, it is easy to fight a political fight, because it is clear. It is defined. You raise money, you attack your opponent, you turn out to vote, you win, and you lose. It’s clear. It’s defined. But God…it’s that line from Blake, ‘We are here to learn to endure the meanings of love.’ How much harder is it to sit in stillness in a secret place and to receive the unconditional love of God? I know I just suck at it. I know I need it desperately. But how hard is it? You talk about having intimacy issues? Hello!

Amen! David towards the end of his life was much more comfortable in the silent stillness. He met God intimately as he fought his illness and enjoyed the time he had left with his family. One of his final facebook posts touched me immensely.

Favor? Do something outrageous today – give way more than reasonable to a homeless person, take the family out for an ice cream dinner … and serve only ice cream. Call someone you hurt and ask forgiveness, call someone who hurt you and give forgiveness … And send me a pic.” ~ David Kuo June 26, 1968 – April 5, 2013

I did all of those things and then sent him a picture of Marion and I out at dinner (We ate something special–but because it was freezing here in Buffalo, we skipped on his ice cream suggestion. David would have said I understood the “spirit” of his request.)

Rest in peace, David. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May David’s soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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