A Prayer for Peace

The sound of a bomb
The screaming, the running

Boston cries as do I
For the senselessness of it all

God cries too
As he did at Lazurus’ grave
He does again for the little one taken too soon
For the others dead and injured.

He cries too that someone sins gravely
Does not value life, or perhaps is in too much pain themselves.
He cries but does not hate.

That is hard for us.
Hard to imagine loving a killer, a murderer.
He carefully planned this
And it sickens me beyond all health.

So I pray for peace
Peace in my heart
For my prayer for peace must start with me
With my moving towards peace and not hatred
Not more violence
Not more death
But a quiet justice
and a vision of God making all things new again.

It is a righteous anger that we all feel
But our response needs to come from a deeper place.
One that calls us into a better way of being.
A way that ends violence, or at least ends our thoughts of it.

Boston is often a sleepy city.
I have found it to be peaceful,
The harbor beckoning me to it’s boats
It’s Common calling me to sit and wonder at God’s creation all around.
It’s history reminding me of those who longed for peace, for freedom
From tyranny.

So my prayer begins with me
For me to be changed
To bring me to a place of healing
So that I might help others heal
and they help others heal too.

That is God’s work
May we all be called to do it.


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