Restoring Dignity

It’s something we’re all called to do for all people. And Ronald Davis helps us all remember this today.

An incredible interview. From 22 words–which is a great site. A h/t to my fabulous colleague Susan Haarman from Loyola Chicago.

I’ve been thinking much about the things that we all think are important lately. We had a student commit suicide this week. I didn’t know him, but he was one of our athletes and he had a child. The University is so big that people often easily get lost in the shuffle. It bothers me that in a University this large that this student felt there was nobody to reach out to.

How many are out there filled with loneliness and think there is nobody that they can turn to? How many are treated with no respect and discarded on a park bench unable to reclaim their own dignity?

These are the problems that we can solve…if we wanted to.

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