Picturing God

The Jesuits have a very cool blog called Picturing God and recently I submitted one of my own to the site that I forgot to mention last week. So check it out at this link.

And as a follow up here is a picture and prayer along the same theme:


New Students
New Students to care for, to pray for,
To be a mentor, a guide, a friend.

To watch them grow further into adulthood,
Although they are already adults,
More than they know.

Help them to discover all that they are, Lord…
All that they can be.
So that they will serve you, Lord…
And in doing so serve the world.

I, too, need your help, Lord.
For I am entrusted with their care
And the care of my fine colleagues.
The care of the funds to do the work
You have called us too.

It is a great responsibility
And you have gifted me already with so much
To provide me the confidence that you are always with me.

Let me spend these days knowing that
And as I keep these young men and women in prayer
As they travel to Brazil to be with the Holy Father
And with you Lord.
May their hearts be open to see your face in each other.
And be changed further to be men and women for others.
In that great Ignatian spirit that they have been taught well.

And my they come home to find us, their friends
Old and new
Waiting as you always wait for us.
With open arms.


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