He is Here in Our Midst

So here’s an interesting tidbit that I missed from the PrayTell blog. Turns out that the Brazilians use some interesting choices in their missal. Check them out.

O Sehor esteja convosco. Ele está no meio de nós.
(The Lord be with you. He is here in our midst.)

Here’s another greeting he’ll use:
A paz esteja convosco. O amor de Cristo nos uniu.
(Peace be with you. The love of Christ has brought us together.)

The liturgical translations in use in Brazil for several decades are quite interesting in their lively creativity. The formula in the “supper narrative” of the Eucharistic Prayer in Portuguese remains “for you and for all.”

The response at the invitation to Communion is still “…and I shall be healed/saved,” not “…and my soul…”

Love it. I especially like “He is here in our midst.” Which I think is exactly the right note to hit. Basically it says, The Lord be with you and the response is “Don’tcha know it?” (with a nod to our friends in Minnesota).

It seems the Pope likes the use of simple vernacular. It would have been interesting to hear his take on the changes that the United States instituted and even to hear what he thinks of them now after the fact.

My students loved hearing all the different languages at World Youth Day. I don’t have the ear for languages but speak a bit of liturgical Spanish and Italian so the Portuguese is a bit familiar sounding.

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