Celebrations Continue

bodyImage-1Our celebrations continue here at Canisius this week as Pat Kelschenbach, who has served as an administrative associate here for the past 19 years, retires today! Pat, greeted me as I moved in my stuff before my first official day and was kind enough to open locked doors and helped me get the office “up and running” long before my first day.

We Irish need to stick together and Pat and we have done so in these early days. She recently returned from my father’s homeland and returned with great stories that warmed my Irish heart.

“Those narrow streets were really something. When we got to the hotel the woman said to us: “Well, you did pretty well–you’ve got both your mirrors!”

Pat is a peaceful soul who calms all of us down with her grace and her good humor and she will be greatly missed. After so many years of faithful service, she too, deserves much time with family and for leisure.

Your spirit will remain here, Pat, with us despite your leaving us today. You have given much to the students and even more to each of us on the staff here in Campus Ministry. While it has only been a few weeks that we have worked together, I will miss you greatly and will often keep you in prayer.

Ugh. It’s been a month and I’m losing two great people who have given over 5 decades of service to this wonderful place. It’s an amazing testament to the spirit of “family” here at Canisius.

So blessings today on Pat. We will enjoy lunch today. And remember many good memories.

And simply rejoice.

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