How to Stay Married: Celebrate Anniversaries

Today is the 63rd wedding anniversary for my Mom and Dad. That’s SIXTY-Three. Amazing! It’s not often that you hear about marriages reaching that level of longevity these days and I’m hoping that this changes with the coming generations. Marriage is not easy, but it is wonderful. It’s made me a better person to be married to my beloved, Marion and I know that Michael Hayes, Sr. would say the same about his beloved Evelyn.

A bit about my parents. My father is an Irish immigrant. He came here in the late forties when he was only 19 and he travelled by boat. A four day journey with just a small carry-on style suitcase was all he needed. Unbeknownst to him, his friends had him smuggling Irish whiskey underneath a carton of eggs. Somehow he made it through. He met my mother at a dance when a spider crawled up the back of her dress and it gave him to opportunity to be her hero.

And he’s been that for her ever since.

My mom for as long as I can remember has not been in good health. My dad has stood by her for now, 63 years and worked hard to pay a whole lot of medical bills and to provide for his family. He’s not just her hero…he’s also mine.

My mother was born in Yonkers, New York and has lived there her entire life. She’s an amazing woman who managed our household budget on a shoestring and really showed me how to stretch a dollar. She invested in the family and when things like cable TV started coming into neighborhoods my mother balked. “I’m not paying $21/month for TV! That money can go to better use.” As a recent “dumper of the cable TV” I started to see her wisdom when I began to save $550 a year by not having cable in the house.

She often would ask if the things we wanted were things we really needed or if we could just do without them in favor of something else, often something better.

But the one thing she know she could not live without was her husband. And they have lived together now for 63 years in wedded bliss. I don’t know anyone more devoted to family or to each other than they are. And they have been the best models of marriage for me in my own.

So raise a glass, lads! To 63 years! Thanks Mom and Dad…simply for being who you are for one another…

And for me.

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