Government Held Hostage

Art imitates life today with this scene from the West Wing.

Pope Francis has been calling us to mercy and it seems there are far too many in the government who are less than merciful. Placing a last second rider to end or delay Universal Health Care to the budget is simply wrong, unethical and it holds the government hostage to partisan politics. In the end, the poor once again get screwed and the loyal civil servants at the bottom of the ladder that simply want to go to work get furloughed, losing days upon days of pay. Oh and each day that we stay closed, costs the economy about $1 billion dollars a week.

Obamacare has nothing to do with this continuing resolution. The republican-controlled house has failed the American people by shutting down the government because they don’t like a health care program that is not even at the center of the continuing resolution. I don’t vote with straight lines. There are good and bad politicians in both parties. However, I think everyone should consider this the next time congress is up for re-election.

Saner voices need to overcome this stalemate. Lines cannot be drawn in the sand. What’s best for the American people is to approve this continuing resolution and to simply stop playing politics.

And so we pray, for those who are out of work today, we pray that you can support your family and can be back to work soon. We pray for our leaders, our President, our congress that they can get past the dysfunctional relationships that have developed and become all that we hope government can be.

Or that we can at least do better than this. May the Holy Spirit help these people discern what is truly just and best for our nation. Amen.

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