Where There is Darkness…

This weekend I got to do a reflection on our Sunday readings here at Canisius. I really enjoy doing these and for the first time I got to do one where the only light was given my candlelight and some small spotlights. Check it out.

Man it was hard to see my notes, which I really use as a crutch. Memory is not my best trait these days. And Jack Collins my preaching coach often chides me:

“Mike, if you can’t remember what you’re going to say, there’s no way that they will.”

So I do my best with memorizing it and keep some note cards at the ready…just in case.

In this case I only looked down towards the end which I really wanted to get right. But my 43 year old eyes in the dark made it difficult.

My friend Jaime, reminded me of what St Francis would say:

“Lord, where there is darkness, let me be light.”

And that indeed gave me some comfort because I received a bunch of nice comments from folks afterwards…so apparently, I may have brought light to those in darkness.

Light is a rather important symbol for me. When I was little boy I had this irrational fear of the dark (and also of clowns! In fact, I used to think that clowns would try to eat me up in the dark). I would need mom or dad to walk me into the bedroom to make sure that Bozo wasn’t hiding under the bed! I had a night light which gave me great comfort. But the real light in that room was my mother and father who would comfort my fears and give me some peace and just a little light to show we that there was no need to be afraid.

Perhaps, just a little light is all we really need? I remember being at a candlelight service during a parish mission in my hometown and at the end of the service the priest giving the mission asked out parish to hold our candles above our heads together. And it was as if we had just turned on the lights.

Light always breaks the darkness.

So where are our dark spaces? Where might we need a bit of light today? What might we wish to uncover so that we need not fear anymore?

Maybe it’s time to let a little bit of light in…and just as I delivered a reflection last night, though it was dark–that light enabled me to be Christ for others for just a few minutes. And it was more than enough. All were fed and all was grace.

It is our willingness to be light for each other, that brings grace to fruition. May this week be filled with the light you need so that you might find your days not filled with fear but with God’s grace.

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