Silent Night Without Jesus

So this isn’t even smart, never mind how offensive it might be. A choral director at a school decided it would be a good idea to perform Silent Night without any references to Jesus or Mary in order to be more inclusive.

Here’s a video of the performance:


First of all, this violates so many principles of logic, never mind any religious reasons.

So exactly why is it a silent night? Why not make it a silent day? At least that would’ve been creative. And if I don’t believe in Christ, or God? Why is the night a “holy night”? And then you went on and mentioned glories streaming from heaven. Well, you offended people that don’t believe in angels.

And lastly, just who the heck is sleeping in heavenly peace!!!???

LEt me further the point by saying that this song was actually someone’s prayer. And by changing it, you are denigrating the author’s intentions. In your effort to be politically correct you probably offended more people than if you had done nothing at all.

When politically correct …goes politically stupid.

Some days I can’t believe how stupid decisions like this get made.

Ahem…now back to my usual calm Christmas demeanor.

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