A New Year’s Prayer

It is a New Year Lord!
What will you make of me this year?
What will you have me do?
To whom will you send me?
For what am I being continually made?

Your mother, Mary, we celebrate today.
And I wonder if she awoke each day with similar thoughts?
What will the Lord require of a simple woman?
God asks: Will you bear God within yourself,
bringing God forth to the world?

And I suppose, each of us are asked to also be
Theotokos, the God bearer,
bringing Christ to others,
to those who most need Christ.

Help us in this New Year, Lord.
Help us to be bearers of your love.
Help us to go where we might not wish to go,
To those who are poor and needy.
To those who need too much time and too many efforts.
To those whose situations we are powerless to change.

And help us, Lord
To be caring to those we love.
To stretch our hearts farther
When they get on our nerves
Or try our patience.
When the funds are low and the debts mount.
When solutions to problems seem too far out of our reach.
May your help be a blessing to us
to remind us that we are rich beyond measure.
For your love and your grace
Are enough for us each and every year.


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