As I Drive

The snowy morning begins as I start my drive to the airport.
The snow cascades off my brush in white powdery swoops.
I don’t look forward to driving and on an unplowed 3AM road I look forward to it less.
But you, O Lord, look forward to my every move, awaiting it with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning.
Wondering what I will do next.
I aim for the middle as I cannot see the yellow lines that separate the oncoming from me, that keeps order in the cacophony of motors and horns.
I realize that it’s not that bad and relax into my seat.
A few bumps in the road is something we’ll all face in our lives.
And you, Lord, will help us smooth the path and deal with the aftermath of skids and crashes.
I arrive safely and utter a word of thanks.
My trip is off and running and I pray for more safe travel as I head to New York the land of my birth.
Be with me, Lord. As my students serve others this week, allow me
to be a gracious companion and help them to find you…
Even in the midst of bumps, and skids and snowy roads. Amen.

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