A Subway Morning Prayer

I never thought I’d thank God
For the Subway
New Yorkshire sardine can
Transportation system.
But oh how I miss thee
Even with your delays and
“stopped traffic ahead”,
The subway brings life together
Huddled masses from the cold
Into a new and wonderful collective.

Friends say I am being nostalgic, Lord.
But I know you have given me
A foretaste of the communion of saints.
Where strangers are “dancing like the sun”
to steal a line from Thomas Merton.

Yes, the subway is dirty and crowded.
Yes, the subway can smell weird in places and
The climb up the stairs in winter’ scold months is arduous and slippery.
But I do believe that it is there that I find Jesus, lurking in the small child’s eyes
bundled up with a bear hat and scarf on, holding mommy’s hand…
Albeit too young for motherhood herself.
You are there in the elderly who need a seat
and the young couple so in love that they look forward to the close quarters of their D train car.
You are alive as we travel Lord
In your midst
Strap hanging, pole leading, eating and listening to iPods.
All over the great city
Thank you, Lord. Amen

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