Sleep is Precious

Lord, today I remember those who have no place to sleep.

Or those who sleep in less than comfortable surroundings.

I’m traveling with my students in my hometown of NYC today. The place we’re staying is an old rectory, perhaps a convent. With rickety box springs and futons for our beds.

I may have gotten 3 hours of sleep and not deep sleep. I have sleep apnea, so I know the value of good sleep, Lord.

There are those that sleep, or try to sleep, in the cold outside. There are those who craft cardboard shelters and pray for blankets. There are children in poverty who cannot sleep because they are hungry.

And I selfishly will complain about a single night’s unrest. A night where I was a little chilly and discomforted by the conditions of indoor accommodations.

Remind me that my experience of being awakened to the plight of those who cannot sleep well, requires me to also restore dignity to those who could simply use a good night’s sleep.

So today keep me awake, Lord, physically and mentally. Keep me awake to the plight of the poor. Keep my students awake for the likes of you in their midst as we serve those who are hungry today ….and perhaps those who didn’t sleep last night. Amen.


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