Subway Prayers

I want to write a book of subway prayers. I know many people who tell me that the subway is their favorite place to pray and it was also one of mine.

Amid the crackling sparks of the rail
and the chatter
and the rumbles of each train
a certain peace can exist.
It is a quiet time
Even lonely
Although you are around millions.

But God breaks through
And brings others to me
And gratitude
And a realization that all humanity
Are beloved

I feel small and big
At the same time on the subway.
And I feel God’s immense creativity in
Each face I see,
The intersecting lines D to A, 4 to 2
linking the Bronx to the Battery
and Brooklyn to Queens
The elevated 7 train
that would often take me home
also brought me to
peace and joy
And groovy tunes
by Paul Melley and other friends.

Subway prayers
Are prayers of gratitude
For we are all the same on the subway.
Just people trying to make their way
Any way
They can.

It is here that we pray for
Students and colleagues
Friends and family
Dead grandmothers who we loved
And whose wakes and funerals
We traveled to on the rails.

Praying all the way
And finding them traveling with us
Along with the rest of the communion of saints.

Subway prayers
Do you pray them?
I miss them
And will be praying them
for you.

Others tell me

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