I made a wrong turn on Eastern Parkway today and got a nice tour of the area for myself before righting my route.

Some New Yorker I am.

But while my wife is from Brooklyn, it’s never been my favorite borough. I don’t really know why. It is quite an impressive place and people are nice and streets have character. Brooklyn is indeed a fine borough.

The subway is a mish-mash of people. Old, young, white, black, the occasional Hasidic with his hat and curls. Crown Heights is certainly the melting pot it has always been.

Over the bridge we go, the mighty Brooklyn Bridge. A landmark like no other. Amazing! We plan to walk over it on Friday night.


I visited Brooklyn Jesuit Prep today which indeed was an impressive place. Small classes with lots of individual attention for students who need it. Students from low income areas whose parents probably work two jobs to make ends meet. They rose and shook my hand and welcomed me…each student in the class I visited. My students love them, worry for them, tutor them, and show them much care. They think about whether they are getting enough attention and what they can do in this short term to make that happen.

It’s a very Brooklyn thing to think about such matters. Brooklyn folks stick together…families, friends, neighborhoods binding together as no other.

Maybe it could become my favorite borough one day, if like Brooklyn, I just accept everything as it is and help it become all that it can be.

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