My dear friend Fran blogged today about New Year’s Resolutions and reminded us to not merely make resolutions, but to ask why we don’t make resolutions?

For example, “Why don’t I work out 6 days a week?” If I really want to lose weight, I need to watch my diet. So why don’t I do that with vigor and what stops me from doing so?

It’s a great example of Ignatian spiritual practice at its best. We can’t just merely notice things in our past or even see where we should be headed. Rather we need to make a firm purpose of amendment and then to ask ourselves what presents itself to us instead of what we should choose, instead of making a better choice.

We can go even deeper with our longings. While we should “bloom where we are planted” we also have to be brave enough to ask ourselves where and what we are doing and if that really is leading us towards the Magis, the more in our lives.

So this year, I pray that we can all do this. To look at the good and bad that enters our lives and remind ourselves that God is within all of this. In each choice we make are we really making a move towards Magis, even if the larger choices can’t be attained instantaneously? What unhealthy attachments might we have that prevents us from even looking at these choices? Fear? Apathy? Comfort? All are not bad in and of themselves, but they may prevent one from being more, being better.

So today, let us pray for open eyes as we look for Magis and what turns us away from it and allow God to open our hearts a bit more too, so that we can be closer to who we are called to be by God.

Fran started the hashtag #whynot. So let’s all think about that and ask questions going forward about why we do and don’t do things!

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