Ignatius Comes with Stress

So I’ve had a stressful few months.  Most recently my father, who is 88, had to be intubated after having trouble breathing.  He’s bounced back nicely, but not after a lot of family stress.  

It’s made the prospect of hiring two new employees a lot less stressful.  

But when stress comes, Ignatius becomes my constant companion. When it overwhelms me, Iggy taps me on the shoulder and reminds me to listen to myself and to calm down, to pray before I speak.

Ignatius reminds me that we need head and heart, and that reading about situations and using great spiritual writers like Joyce Rupp, are both healing and rejuvenating. He even points me to hospital meditation chapels and pamphlets that I would readily point others towards.

He also reminds me in Examen of how I am doing and to enjoy time with others instead of stressing about things.  To appreciate the well-meaning efforts of others, even when you disagree with them.  

And he reminds me that prayer is more important than ever.  To pray as I can, not as I can’t.  Some days the rosary is all I can muster, where the church gives me words when I am all talked out.  Other days, I am chatty with Jesus to the point of his patient listening, modeling for me the patience I need for the number of people who need me.

But I also need a place to be the Pieta.  To simply rest and do nothing.  To be God’s child and Mary’s and to sit with love’s perfection.  

Looking carefully at these days is Ignatius’ constant call to me. And to make a firm purpose of amendment to be just a bit more for others.  To find where God calls me to be, even to places I don’t want to go, but need to go anyway.

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