May our lives today be filled with compassion; give us the spirit of forgiveness and a generous heart.  – from “Prayers and Intercessions” from the Morning Offering

Compassion seems to be linked to both forgiveness and generosity and by default, in my mind, it all seems to be linked to giving.

How much are we willing to give of ourselves?  Can we be compassionate enough to give freely from our hearts for another, generous enough in this giving that we can disregard our own needs and place ourselves at the service of others?  Do we place limits on our compassion for any number of reasons?  The need to protect ourselves from past hurts or to not risk enough for those in need?  

Today may prayer surrounds the need to be more compassionate, to go just a bit further for my students and my colleagues, especially when they are in darkness.  May I also be compassionate to myself, allowing myself to feel pain and my own need for forgiveness and to be forgiven.

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