Green is the color for Ordinary Time on the Church’s calendar.  Ordinary Time is when we are not extremely overjoyed (white) nor particularly penitent (purple).  Neither is it a time of passion (red for a martyr’s feast).  
Green symbolizes our hope, the hope that exists in a verdant life, where we go through our day to day mundane events, hoping for a glimpse of God within it.

And moreover, while not entirely a time of penance, we often long for God in the less-than-stellar times of our lives.  

Green certainly depicts that kind of deep longing in our lives.  Like the rolling hills of my dad’s native Ireland, these Green days sometimes seem to roll on forever and it can be easy to miss the lush beauty in each moment of the ordinary times of our lives.

Kermit the Frog explains it all too well.

So today may we lean in to these not so easy days of the ordinary and when a day is “nothing special” may we be able to find God pointing to us the beauty and gratitude of another gifted day.

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