I Can Hardly Bear This Cute Video

Wave for the camera, Mr. Bear….

And of course this reminds me of a story. When I was in radio I worked on the Bob Grant show, one of the many conservative talk radio shows out there. Bob is semi-retired now but at one point he was the top of the charts, long before Rush and Hannity and Beck. While Bob and I agree on nearly nothing politically, we were great friends and he was possibly the easiest person to work with during my career in radio. My job was to get him angry and to put anyone who was just lame enough to be funny on the air so he’d yell at their stupidity.

So Marc Loponte and I would pull this gag all the time. Our phone line was also used for another show on the weekend. A pet show. Occasionally one of our west coast affiliates would run that show on tape (yes, we actually used tape not that long ago). And occasionally we’d get calls asking for the pet show or asking a question about pets.

So what would we do? We’d put them on with Bob Grant and watch his head explode.

Here’s two of my favorites:

Caller: I want to talk about the Kodiak bear!

Bob: Huh? Why in the world would you want to talk to me about the Kodiak Bear.

Caller: Well, Will Rogers said he never met a man he didn’t like and I would say that I never met a bear I didn’t like.

Bob: That’s just stupid. I mean what do you do, walk up to a bear and say, “Hey I like you.” Well now wait a minute. There’s an idea…NOW GET OFFFA MY PHONE!

The second one:

Caller: Yeah I want to talk about my poodle.

Bob: I DESPISE Poodles! I hate hate hate poodles.

Caller: Um, Warren? (the host of the Pet Show)

Bob: (Catches on to our joke). Oh I see….ya see ma’am, we have another show on this network and I think you called that show. It’s hosted by a guy who I swear is in love with a German Shepherd. Every picture I see him in, he has a German Shepherd next to him. Well anyway, you got the wrong line so GET OFFA MY PHONE and I hope your poodle wets your rug!

I’m glad now I can just see a happy bear wave and see the glory of nature that God provides for us. And a hat tip to Zach Tomasik and Ryan Undercoffer who pointed me to the bear video on Facebook.