Terrell Owens: Suicide?

I wonder what the real story here is?

Some conspiracy theories that have been floated thus far:

1) He took steriods and had to flush it out of his system before a urine test (that’s the most interesting one–thus far).

2) His story just as he said it. He mixed cortizone and supplements and had a bad reaction. Possible, I suppose, but I’m not a pharmaceutical expert.

3) The most likely one: TO is a troubled young man. Once he’s out of that limelight he ceases to exist. When that happens he can’t deal.

I think TO has a lot of potential actually, to not be a jerk, and contribute much to the world outside of football. He just needs to get out of his own way and not let his media-saavy agents continue to let him be portrayed as a sleaze.

Does anyone but me remember when both Dennis Rodman and TO weren’t jerks but were actually good players and fairly upstanding citizens?

Sirus Update

The launch of the Catholic Channel was delayed slightly…or at least the talk portion of the channel has been delayed. The channel did launch with things like Motzart’s Requiem being played–a nice touch, even if the station will have a much different feel once the “talk” portion debuts…or at least that’s my sense of things.

Cardinal Egan is recovering from knee replacement surgery and wants to be available for interviews, etc… so we’re waiting on him to be more available to be at Sirius in person.

Fr. Dave and I met our producer, Adam Hammay the other day. Nice guy who seems to get radio. James Liu will serve as our board operator…quiet guy but I’m sure he’s well-qualified. I’ve done both of those jobs in a past life, so I’ll be easy to work with talent for those guys–but I’ll also know when they screwed up and they won’t be able to pull the wool over my eyes (as I used to do with dopey talent who had no technical knowledge).

We’re sititng down to discuss some roles for the show. Natalia Imperatori-Lee an instructor of religious studies at Manhattan College will join us as a co-host with Fr. Dave. I’ll most likely be more of a features producer and have less of an air-presence than I do on the BustedHalo cast…but still a significant one. I’ll be doing The View from the Pew…and Bible Bootcamp. Fr. Dave seems to like having people to talk to. We don’t want to confuse the listeners with two male voices either…since a new audience will be getting used to us.

It’s all new. I have five old radio colleagues who now work at Sirius. John McDermott who is the Program Director of their comedy channels said:

“I think we all died and this is some kind of radio purgatory. It seems everyone I know from past radio jobs works here now! How cool is this?”

Sirius Satellite Deal

Now it can be told:

Fr. Dave Dwyer and I (pictured, above with Archbishop Michael Sheehan of Sante Fe, Archbishop George Niederhauer of San Francisco and Bishop Jaime Soto of Orange, CA) have agreed to a deal with the Archdiocese of New York and Sirius Satellite radio to do a radio show on Sunday nights on The Catholic Channel.

The show will air from 8P-10P on Sunday nights. So we hope you buy a receiver and subscription and tune in.

The show will be almost like our podcast except we’re taking live calls. 1888-3-Catholic. So call on in!

We’ll have a bunch of guests as well…and our church search feature will get expanded with guests coming on from said parishes.

Lino Ruilli (pictured, below) from Generation Cross TV and Lino at Large will also be on the channel from M-F in afternoon drive (5-8). He’s hysterical and fun to be around.

Memories of 9-11

As a NYer I remember all too well the tragic events of 9-11. Fortunately for me, I had a doctor’s appointment in my home borough of Queens that day and was not on Manhattan Island. My wife was on Queen’s Western tip in Long Island City and had a classroom that had a direct view of the towers. When the first plane hit they were instructed to draw the shades so as not to traumatize the children.

I lost two friends and a family member of my wife’s side of the family as well.

Debbie Welsh was a flight attendant on United Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, PA. If you haven’t seen United 93 yet, I highly recommend it. Debbie plays a significant role in the re-telling and from what her husband had shared with me, it seemed like an accurate sequence of events. Check it out–and say a prayer for my friend and the others who perished that day.

Tom Cullen was a college friend and a firefighter. He died in the towers leaving behind a little son and his loving wife Sue (who admittedly, I think I knew a bit better than I knew Tom). My one memory of Tom was one of him always wanting to be a firefighter. Our freshman year dorm at Fordham, Queen’s Court had (of all things!) a pyromaniac living amongst us. Since the dorm was nearly 150 years old, a single match could really do some damage to the structure of this landmark building. (ironically, the dorm’s Southernmost wing was badly damaged by fire just a year later by a left behind candle in a dorm room). Tom organized what came to be known as “fire watch.” We literally took turns staying up all night trying to either dissuade or catch the alleged arsonist. At some point the said woman confessed to a friend who blew the whistle. Tom was livid at her actions but also had compassion for her, as she was obviously troubled. He gave us all a course in fire safety and taught us how to operate the extinguishers. He was already a volunteer fireman and was a member of Fordham EMS. He took good care of my college roommate (who was a sick kid and died too young) several times. Just a great guy, who I wish I knew better. Sue must miss him terribly as does his son, Tommy–who is probably getting big by now. I hope that Tommy realizes how much of a hero his father always was–even in my college days. I saw him race into our dorm when it was on fire once to wake up one of our many friends who failed to evacuate the premises. He didn’t think twice about it. Just as he didn’t think twice about heading into those towers on that fateful day. Be proud of your dad, Tommy. He sure was proud of you and your mom.

My wife’s cousin, Jenene also died in the towers. She had just called her mother and told her that it was the other tower that had been hit and that she was just fine. After hanging up the second plane came barrelling into her building. On a high floor Jenene never had a chance.

A divorced mother of one, she left behind her mother as well. It is such a tragedy for a mother to lose a child–and since her son now lives with his father, I sense that Jenene’s mom feels twice as bad.

While these three people are just three of those that were lost, one person lost was too many. These were just my three. Friends and extended family. I’m not lucky or blessed that more people that I knew didn’t perish. I’m devistated that I have to tell this story at all.

The towers are firm in my memory. I ate at Wild Blue and Windows on the World on those top floors several times when I produced a food show on WOR Radio. (probably people who served me but that were nameless to me died that day simply doing their job). My wife danced all night at the Greatest Bar on Earth during her single days. I caught the PATH train to New Jersey with an old girlfriend many times in the basement and window shopped the high end stores that called WTC their home.

Keith Olbermann put it best on MSNBC last night. The fact that there is still no memorial and still no construction going on at “Ground Zero” is a tragedy. We do dishonor by continuing to ignore the memories of those lost and continuing to kill others in their name. I think a large dove should be erected their to remind us of the tenacious spirit shown by NYers and all Americans that day and in the coming weeks. We put partisian beliefs behind and huddled together. We held people we hardly knew and comforted those tenderly who had lost their loved ones.

Mostly, we believed that our God reigns. That the madness of terrorism is no match for our God of love. God will sort out the mess once again as only God could do, and has done for ages. This madness did not have to happen. God did not will this act, despite the call of the terrorists who stated that it was God driving them to kill. The hands and feet of Jesus were pierced again that day and a God who intimately knows human suffering all too well felt the pain of scourging once again.

But we need to remember as does our government that death never has the final word. Our lives need to go on and not forget what happened that day but to honor those who died with our very lives. Like Christ, they now have no voice but ours.

That voice needs to shout strongly for peace.

Wikapediaing God

The number two google result for God leads us to Wikipedia…where you get a general definition of God as a supreme deity.

Karl Rahner defined God as the “inexhaustible one.” The “question which has no answer.” As much as we try to find out about God (through wikipedia, or Google, or other sources) we never really grasp all there is to know about God. At least some portion of God remains mystery. That is what makes God, God and us, not God. Rahner believed that even after death God remains mystery…which at first seemed disappointing to me, until I realized that this also means that life continues to go on beyond this world because of that same fact.

That has made me reflect today…while we strive for union with God (heaven) that should not be confused with BECOMING God. We will never be God. We will always be creation that may one day be united with God…but God will remain the God-self.

A book I’m reviewing, Blessed Are the Bored in Spirit, which I’d recommend for some light yet challenging reading tells us something profound about God.

“God would rather die than to be separated from His creation.”


Googling God

So my book should be released in Fall of 2007 (although so early copies will be available by July most likely). But in the meantime, I thought I’d do an experiement over the next few days.

I Googled God.

I’d like to provide a reflection/review for each day based on the web results that come up uder “God.”

Today’s first entry is from the first result: The Interview with God

While this powerpoint show is a big smaltzy, I can’t help but be moved by it, as have thousands of others. The journalist in me also wonders what I would want to ask God if I had a few moments to interview him…and then it hit me.


That is what we call prayer and I can do it as often as I’d like to. I do get answers every time I pray and many times they are surprises. Sometimes even disappointments come to me in prayer…most of the time with myself.

As each day unfolds am I truly thankful for the opportunity to interview God? To find out more and more about His love and His wonderful creation?

Or do I keep all the questions for others to half-heartedly answer?

Back from Vacation too

After Nicaragua we spent the week at the Jersey Shore, Ventor to be more precise. If you play Monopoly…you’ll recognize Ventor as one of the Yellow Properties. It’s near Atlantic City.

We were hosted by Marion’s Uncle Louis and Aunt Denise who were kind enough to offer us a week at their beach condo. We had a wonderfully relaxing week. Hit the beach, went to a minor league baseball game (The AC Surf–got a cool cap too), won $200 at blackjack, and had a wonderful dinner with Cousin Louis and his wife Amanda at Barrells a fabulous italian joint.

Back home for a week, putting the finishing touches on the new place.

While I’m at it, drop some prayers for my dad whose PSI (a measure that detects possible Prostate trouble) was up at around 10 last week. The doctor examined him and found nothing unusual so he’s going to have a biopsy done on Friday to make sure there’s no trace of cancer. He should be fine regardless but if you have a safety prayer lying around…please do utter it.

Back from Central America

Nicaragua was a blast once again. A wonderful group of people from our parish (probably the best group yet) travelled down with us. We did some major painting (of the roof, kitchen, office, and chapel), we replaced the horrible florescent light in the chapel and put a less harsh tri-bulb track light in–focused on the tabernacle of course, and redecorated the chapel (it now doesn’t look like a figurine marketplace). Of course we also did remarkable work with the children. My wife led a “circle time” with the kids a few times much to the delight of the staff and our crew. They enjoyed singing “dias de semana” (days of the week–which is a song sung to the tune of the Addams Family.

Our evening reflections were great…Missi Decker one of our retreat people from BustedHalo offered a profound reflection on her faith story which set the tone nicely. Susan Mantel, one of the leaders also offered a wonderful reflection on Naming What’s Important. Dana Evans and Kenneth Wright ended our week with talking eloquently about suffering healing and hope and our deepest desire. All worked hard on their talks and it showed.

Ok, now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

“But Mike, what about the adoption news??”

We are in line for a child is the short answer. We have placed our request with the ministry of child protection and they in turn will be searching for a child for us. None of the children at Hogar Belen fit our criteria or are eligible to be adopted at this time–although their status could change over time. But most likely, our child will be female, between the age of 1-5 and be from a home other than Belen.

We should know some news in a few months. We now have a lawyer (Nubia, who is fantastic) in Managua who is working hard on our case.

What else? I have some great pictures which I’ll post later in the week. Maybe they will be fodder for some reflecting as well.