Brooklyn Diocese: Currents Studio Collapses

The holidays often bring with it unexpected disasters. In this case I received this horrible note from our friend and fellow blogger Deacon Greg Kandra, who I often refer to on this blog as “the good deacon.” Deacon Greg recently left CBS TV where he worked for many years to take over a budding new TV operation with the Brooklyn Diocese at Net TV as their news director. He has been producing a show called Currents on the diocese’s NET TV (New Evangelization Television). As opposed to many other efforts in “Catholic TV” Currents’ set looked extremely professional and their staff were the consummate broadcasters. Read below and be heartbroken.

(Here) you see a photograph taken on the afternoon of Tues, Dec 22, of what remains of our beautiful studio.

At 3 o’clock, just as we were set to start taping the show, the anchors and I were chatting in the studio, going over copy, when we heard a loud “thump” on the roof. Must be reindeer, someone joked. Ha ha. We got ready to start and we heard a louder THUMP, and the lighting grid began to tremble and groan, and it looked for all the world like the roof was about to cave in. “Get out!,” one of the technical directors yelled. We scrambled, grabbed our things, and streamed out into the parking lot. No one could figure out what was going on. Someone called 911 and the fire crew went in and looked around. The rest of the grid had started to come down right after we fled the building. Part of the interview set was damaged. Fortunately no camera equipment was hit. It was a miracle no one was hurt.

Long story short: the studio is out of commission for about three months. Maybe longer.

We’re figuring out a Plan B for continuing to tape “Currents” in the new year.

I’m not one to solicit funds often, and Deacon Greg is probably too proud to ask for this himself. So if you’ve got a Christmas shekel to spare, drop them a donation here.

Tonight on Net TV…Once Again…

is me.

I did an iWitness segment with them on my ministry to young adults. I was quite moved by some of the questions so check it out by going to And if you didn’t see our cast of characters from the Busted Halo Cast and our editor in chief Bill McGarvey check out this episode from a few weeks back.

Tonight on Net TV…

is me. I believe! Rumor has it that I will appear on the show Currents along with my colleagues Fr Dave Dwyer, CSP and Brittany Janis doing our weekly podcast. Matt McClure (pictured here with co-anchor Tai Hernandez) comes by and plays a role on the podcast where we explore Angels and Demons.

No, not the movie–actual Angels and Demons.

It was a fun time taping and I’m sure that it’ll be a great show to watch.

Tonight at 7:30 or 11:30 on

This is Me…on TV

Deacon Greg Kandra had me come over to the studios of New Evangelization Television last week and the episode aired last night but for those of you outside the NY area can watch the entire episode on You Tube. Currents, the show I was on is a nightly news show from a Catholic perspective and I have to say it is a great watch. Check it out.

In this particular episode, besides some recent news on the Markey Bill which has grabbed major headines in this area, Lino Ruilli interviews Justin Fatica, the founder of Hard as Nails Ministry which features a drill-sergeant-like youth minister who uses the same kind of tactics in connecting youth to Christ.

That’s where I come in with Marilyn Santos, Coordinator for youth ministry for the Diocese.

Thanks to Deacon Greg for the invite and to all the staff members at Currents. Here’s to a bright future!

Congrats to the New Brooklyn Deacons

I spent the morning watching the entire ordination mass for the 20 new Brooklyn Deacons on Net TV. Just a note, but when was the last time you heard a diocese or religious order ordaining 20 new priests?!

I’m just sayin….

Deacon Greg, a Brooklyn Diocese Deacon himself, has great pics–one of which I have stolen and therefore offer a h/t to him for with the recommendation that you go and check the rest of them out as well.

Twas a beautiful ceremony. I was particularly impressed with seeing the differences between a priest’s ordination which I have seen several times and a deacon’s ordination which I think I’ve only seen once before. In particular the candidates promise the Bishop their obedience to him as well as his successors. This is followed by the laying on of hands by the Bishop (which differs from a priests ordination where all the priests lay hands on the candidate. And lastly, the book of the Gospels is given to the Deacons. The last part offers one of the more beautiful lines in the church parlance:

“Receive this book.
Believe what you Read,
Teach what you Believe
and Practice what you Teach”

So congratulations to the class of 2009 and may God continue to bless your ministry and may we be blessed by your dedication to God’s people. A special word of thanks to the wives of the Deacons who sacrifice much of their family time so that their husbands can serve the church.