School prayers

Today the diocese of Buffalo will announce the closing of many grammar schools. For many children this will be a sad day. For many teachers and school employees this will be a day to start scrambling for a new position.

My wife is the after-school
Coordinator at a local parish in Amherst and she loves it here. It’s taken her some time to find a place where she really fits in. So I’m hoping she doesn’t have to start looking for a new place to work.

A dear friend is going through a similar situation in NYC and it’s just no fun at all. While he’s confident that he’ll find work, he’s sad for the girls who attend his high school, especially the Juniors who have to start at a new high school for their final year. Imagine having to go to a rival high school for your final year? I remember when some friend failed out of my high school and then went to another school to continue. It seemed weird to me to see them sitting on the opposite sideline at football games and to see them have to cobble together new friends.

So this morning, let us pray for healing for those who will undoubtedly be hurt today. Let us pray for those who lose jobs and those who make hard decisions. Pray for parents and students and teachers and principals. Pray for custodians and cafeteria workers and librarians.

And pray for Bishop Malone who is going to look like the bad guy in this situation, no matter what. This is tough on him and it needs to happen to right-size these schools before they all go broke. So keep him and his colleagues in prayer today.

Lord, pray for our educators, and allow them to bring knowledge and insight to our young students. And pray that all those who will find themselves unemployed will find work they enjoy soon. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.